Beware of Those Who Would Steal Your Identity

The problem of identity theft is a huge one for developed countries. It has been a major concern for several years, but there are still many who feel that it could not happen to them. Hence, most of the world may be unprotected from the criminal activity which is being perpetrated by those who would steal another person’s identity and ruin their credit by taking their money. Knowing that the problem exists will help people beware of those who may try to use their credit. Finding ways to protect oneself is vital. Most banks and financial institutions have means to help.

It seems that the credit card companies may be sustaining enormous losses due to the fact that the people who have had their credit cards used may not be liable for the fraudulent charges. It would seem logical that the guilty parties would be pursued more aggressively, but most are likely escaping prosecution by not being caught. Some have become extremely adept as avoiding the grasp of law enforcement.

Margaret had no idea that her identity had been stolen and used by another person until she decided to buy a new car. When her credit report was checked by the dealer, she was told that she had too much debt for her level of income. She had no credit card debt and owed nothing except her mortgage on her own home. It was discovered that someone else had a home loan in her name which showed up on her credit report. She had no idea that someone had used her identity to purchase a home. The police were, of course, contacted. It was not a difficult matter finding out who the person was because she was actually living in the home. However, catching her was a different matter. Somehow she became aware that she had been found out so she quickly vacated the premises and could not be found. She was not arrested because she had disappeared from sight. It turned out to be someone who had been an acquaintance from the past. How she was able to pull off the purchase of property with another person’s identity remains a mystery.

The problem of identity theft hit Sarah and her family hard. Somehow her name, address, social security number, and cell phone number had been secured by another person who started opening up all kinds of credit cards using Sarah’s information. Although the credit card companies said that the cards had been opened up online when purchasing items, they said they had approved the cards because she had all the pertinent information. The perpetrator must have been a very stupid or brazen person as she used a credit card for a hotel stay in a distant city and checked in apparently using her own or a fake name. The hotel supplied the name of the person who had used the card. Why they would approve the charge without checking is unknown. The person has not been caught.

During World War II when Japanese Americans were unjustly incarcerated in camps through no fault of their own, no one wanted their identity. There were Chinese people who could be mistaken for being Japanese who wore badges which said, “I am Chinese.” It was not a good thing to be Japanese at that time. However, now stealing identities has become a major problem.

The nightmare of trying to restore one’s credit after it has been compromised by unscrupulous and fraudulent perpetrators is becoming an all too common occurrence for honest and upright citizens. Whether they are caught or not, these people who are engaged in this type of activity are true criminals. Although it may be difficult to find them, they deserve to be prosecuted. People needing money should try to find an honest means of earning income instead of resorting to identity theft. Checking one’s credit report and keeping track of expenditures could help avoid major problems.