The Safety of Smart, Contactless Credit Cards

It is highly probable that you have already seen TV ads promoting the use of an RFID credit card case. You may be wondering what RFID stands for in the first place and why these cards are protected by aluminum casing. To start out, RFID is an acronym for the technology referred to as radio frequency identification. Most of the major financial institutions like banks now offer these credit cards that feature built-in RFID chips.

One of the major reasons why the use of such cards as well as encasing them in a thin hard aluminum case is being encouraged is because these are said to be a lot easier compared to the traditional magnetic cards that need to be swiped to make a purchase. Credit card companies are touting these new cards to be more convenient. And, indeed they are.

Why Contactless?

If this is the first time you have encountered the term ‘contactless’ credit cards or if you just have recently seen someone using an aluminum card case, you may be wondering why such word has been used to describe them. The answer is quite simple, even if the technology behind is complex. This is how these latest credit cards work.

There are two major components incorporated into RFID cards. The first is a microchip designed to store details including the credit card number and its expiration date. The second one is a radio antenna. This reflects the radio waves back to the merchant’s device or reader. During this process, altering of the waves take place to encode the RFID chip’s details, the merchant’s reader gets the signal, and then finally, converts it into a readable format.

Despite the convenience of using these RFID cards, some are still worried about falling victim to identity thieves who make use of RFID scanners to steal the information contained in these cards. Unfortunately, thieves with a scanner can also scan your cards right through your purse or wallet. When they have recovered your numbers, they can then make purchases on your account. Hence, the need for aluminum protection for your cards.

Can You Increase the Safety of These Cards?

If you are one of these people and you are wary of using your contactless card, you will be happy to know that there is a way for you to further increase its safety.

This is through using a card case designed to block RFID scanning. You do not have to worry about the card clashing with your fashionable clothes as you will find reliable merchants offering RFID credit card case for women that will match your style.

Before, consumers have resorted to wrapping their RFID cards with a piece of aluminum foil, which is known to block RFID scanners and thus preventing scammers from stealing their information. Today, stylish RFID card cases in various colors have come out to complement the modern woman’s lifestyle. Now who says you can’t be protected while staying in style?