Avoid Costly Lawsuits With These Top Tips on Accident Prevention

No one thinks they will have a workplace accident when they leave for work that morning. However the truth is accidents in the workplace are becoming more common. The simple fact is accident prevention is easy.

You have probably had training on machinery you may operate at work- cutting machines, forklifts and production line equipment are all known hazards. However half of all the accidents in the workplace are simple accidents known as slip, trip and fall accidents. Accident prevention in this area can be carried out with some basic advice and hints. These tips are suitable for employers, employees and safety representatives and should be taught as part of basic induction.


Everyone starts their new job with eagle eyes where you take in everything and pick up on the simple things. A box out of place, a loose strap, badly balanced tins. However when you have been in this environment for a while, these potential hazards become normal. Being aware of your surroundings allows you to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. Is the emergency exit blocked? Does the flooring look dangerous? Is stock badly stacked and protruding into aisles? Addressing like this can prevent slips, trips and falls. Make sure the workplace is free from hazards. If you identify any, sort them out. If you cannot do this, in order to prevent a workplace accident you need to know who to report the hazard to.


So you have identified existing hazards. Now you need to consider preventing them. Can the way that deliveries are unloaded prevent hazards? Can all strapping and packaging be disposed of immediately? Can broken items be fixed correctly?

Personal Responsibility

This is one of the key points. Too often, people will step over a pool of water, or dodge a dangerous obstacle. Workers and bosses need to consider that the person following in their path later that day may not be as vigilant. This is not their fault it is your personal responsibility to act on all hazards you see. If everyone in the workplace had this attitude, accidents would be greatly reduced.

Highlight Hazards

If hazards cannot be fixed, highlight them to all staff. In regular meetings point out obvious problems and ensure they are made visible so that people can avoid them.

Accidents can happen due to human error, the environment or just the way the workplace is laid out or built. However a lot of accidents can be prevented for example a third of all falls are from ladder related situations. Correct training can significantly reduce this.

Although the tips may seem like common sense, when you are working in an environment daily it can be very easy to let standards slip or forget the most basic information. Regular refresher sessions can be carried out to ensure these steps are kept to the forefront of everyone’s minds.