How To Effectively Manage Workplace Stress And Avoid Harassment

Working life is not always easy. Even in a job you love, issues may arise that are born out of workplace stress or outside harassment which could cause your working environment to become unpleasant. Looking at each of these issues, from stress to sexual harassment and office bullying, we will endeavour to find ways of dealing with them and putting the focus back on the work at hand.

Dealing with stress

If you find yourself working especially long hours, whether by choice and ambition or necessity, it can start to affect both your overall workplace performance and personal life. Once you are in the midst of a particularly nasty stress spiral it can be difficult to get out of. The best way of coping with workplace stress is to be aware of the early warning signs. When do you start feeling yourself get stressed? What brings it on? Once you know why you are stressed it is easier to deal with it.

Talk to your employer. They may seem scary at times, though hopefully they are perfectly lovely, but at the end of the day most employers have your best interests at heart. If workplace stress is affecting your job performance, then it becomes a managerial issue, one which your employer would be wise to help you through. Remember though, they can’t lend assistance if they aren’t aware of any problem.

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour

The workplace is not a singles mixer, and should not be treated as such. If you find yourself the object of unwanted desires at work this can develop into sexual harassment, which in itself is a significant source of stress for those affected by it. Sometimes those who are subject to harassment are hesitant to tell someone about it for fear it will affect their job standing; don’t be. Whether they are in a position of power or not, they have no right to make you feel uncomfortable at work. If you are experiencing sexual harassment get advice from an employment lawyer as soon as possible. They will be able to talk you through the complaints process, discuss options going forward, and represent you in any meetings that take place as a result of the complaint.

Dealing with bullying

In a similar way, the workplace is not a school yard. Therefore there is no place for juvenile bullying tactics at work. Those subject to this type of harassment report feeling unnecessarily targeted in a negative light, publicly admonished, and generally subject to unfair treatment at the hands of their employer. By seeking the advice of a legal counsel specialising in employment matters you gain a valuable insight into the complaints process, and a powerful ally in resolving the matter favourably. Don’t be afraid to seek help, and remember those committing the harassment are in the wrong.