What Happened to Promotion by Merit?

Get a degree, learn the job, take on more responsibility, show initiative, arrive early, be flexible, work hard.

Advice we were given by other people.

What happens when you carry out all the advice other people gave you and you still do not get the promotion?

Most companies claim to promote based on merit.(Yeah right)

I know many of you are saying what does merit have to do with job promotions? (I know I am)

Just for the sake of clarification I will give you the short definition of merit.

Merit is your qualifications for the job.

It is why we go to school, why we learn the job, it is simply doing all the right things for the job.

When was the last time you heard of someone promoted based on their credentials? (I will give a minute)

Some people get promoted based on favoritism. Knowing the way things are done you have to change the way you are playing the game.

There are not many companies using credentials as part of their promotions. The workplace has always been competitive, but in today’s economy it has become even more competitive.

You have to decide if you want to make favoritism work for you or sit on the sidelines and watch other people drive the car you want.

I bet many of you are saying I do not want to ruin my pride or sacrifice my character. (old way of thinking) There is always the exception to the rule, some people do get their promotion by merit.

My question to you is, Can you afford to leave your promotion to chance? If you know the rules of the game then why are you complaining about the foul?

I am not saying become somebody you are not

You can wait on the on the rules to change but the players who benefit do not want you to play, so they will never change the rules of the game.

You are probably worried about what your friends will say. I am not a company man. I have one thing to say to you who pays your bills?

I have worked all my adult life and not one time have I sacrificed my character sure I have been passed over for promotions, but if it is not for you-you can not do anything to change that.

You need to change your approach to jobs or job promotions. You have been counting on a system that is not played fairly.

I have not given up on all the right things to do, but adding tools to your tool belt equips you better for the job.

People rarely get hired based on merit anymore.

The bottom line is everybody has to learn the job so what makes you a better candidate than me if the playing field is level?

I have shared my feelings on this subject now it is your turn. The Working Bee is a dialogue, not a monologue.

What are your opinions on merit promotions?

Do you believe favoritism is more prevalent than reported?

What was some of the advice you were given?

Are you using your degree for your job?